Winlogon Password Reset 1.7: Reset Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000 password to log on to your computer

Winlogon Password Reset 1.7

Windows administrator or other local user passwords instantly. * Unlock Windows user account that is locked or disabled. * Disable password expiry for local Windows accounts. * Disable the "Force Smart Card Login" group policy. * Reset Windows login passwords for Windows 7, Windows XP, 2003, 2000, NT, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (64-bit), Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition (64-bit), Windows VISTA, Windows VISTA (64-bit), Windows Server 2008. *

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Windows Password Unlocker Professional Easy and reliable Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000 password recovery tool

Windows Password Unlocker Professional

logon password for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/ 2008/2003/2000 machines. It allows you to instantly remove forgotten Windows logon password by burning a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive. And its good compatibility and performance guarantee you high Windows password recovery speed with 100% success rate. 1. 100% Windows password recovery rate Reset Windows administrator password, standard user password, and guest password Support CD/DVD

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LogonExpert 5.3.4: Windows autologon and scheduled autologoff

LogonExpert 5.3.4

LogonExpert is a Windows automatic logon tool for your home/office computer or corporate server. LogonExpert quickly and securely logs in a user by direct interaction with the WinLogon system without using the registry. Your computer can be protected even after automatic logon by the desktop being locked at startup. LogonExpert uses a strong encryption algorithm to store login data. Build-in scheduler allows to delay, plan your logon/logooffs.

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Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk 4.0: Recover logon password in 3 easy steps with Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk.

Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk 4.0

Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk extends a helping hand when you lost your logon password. It allows easily remove password for any Windows user or restore LM and NTLM password hashes. In three simple steps, you will be able to recover your logon password and continue working as usual. It fits for both SATA/SCSI and IDE hard drives with FAT or NTFS file system and supports Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk makes

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BioKeyLogon 2.0: Add keystroke dynamics authentication to standard Windows authentication

BioKeyLogon 2.0

logon. It is based on the fact that different people type in uniquely characteristic manners. BioKeyLogon allows you to increase Windows password protection and works in a hidden mode. With BioKeyLogon, it`s very easy to create new biometric passwords and control local system users. With BioKeyLogon, it`s easy to create new biometric passwords and control local system users. All operations are controlled with a user biometric password. BioKeyLogon

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AutoLogonWindow 1.0.2: Secure passwords in convenient Tray Icon application to auto-logon to websites.

AutoLogonWindow 1.0.2

LogonWindow automatically memorizes and securely stores your passwords and logon information, so you will never forget them again. Enjoy easy, one-click logons to your online accounts. So many websites now requires a password, and it`s becoming difficult to remember and manage them all. With AutoLogonWindow, you remember one password, AutoLogonWindow remembers the rest. AutoLogonWindow memorizes and securely stores your passwords and logon information

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abylon LOGON SSO Pro 9.50.7: Single Sign-On for Windows and applications with smart card, USB stick or CD

abylon LOGON SSO Pro 9.50.7

Today in the engineered world many users have major problems with the multitude of passwords. With the software abylon LOGON SSO Pro, the user only authenticate once at the windows logon and have additionally an automatic access to password protected applications. The program boasts with high flexibility, centralized administration and enhanced protection against keyloggers and phishing attacks.

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abylon LOGON SSO Home 9.50.7: High secure and comfort through automatic Windows and application login

abylon LOGON SSO Home 9.50.7

logon only once to you operating system and all password-protected programs and services can use without entering the password again and again? The software abylon LOGON SSO Home offers this opportunity. During the Windows login a smart card, a USB stick or a CD / DVD can be use as key. An additional protection with a password is optional possible. After starting the desired software the passwords are entered automatically and the application starts

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Dekart Logon 2.21: Protect access to notebook and desktop computers on Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003

Dekart Logon 2.21

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. Dekart Logon allows to store all your passwords to Windows machines on one removable storage device (USB flash drive or CD disk), a smart card or USB token and adds the strong authentication and convenience to the standard Windows logon procedure. With Dekart Logon, you don`t have to waste time entering complicated passwords, as all login data is entered automatically once the USB flash drive is connected to the

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Windows 7 or Vista Login Screen Changer 1.0: Change Windows 7 or Vista Logon Background and Login with your favourite image

Windows 7 or Vista Login Screen Changer 1.0

Change Logon Background for Windows Vista or Windows 7 and Login to your Computer with your favourite background or Screen Image. Select any image file (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, etc) and change your logon background for Vista or Windows 7. The Logon background is visible for short duration even when using auto logon for Windows Operating System. The Logon background can be changed by selecting any of the windows wallpapers or any image of your selection

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